Zachary James

Zachary James

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Third Time Is a Charm!

Well, here we are...only 5 more weeks until we head back to Chicago.  WOW!  That means we only have 5 more weeks to fill Zac's expander to its full potential.  Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, Zac caught a cold with a pretty nasty cough.  Due to the congestion brought on by the cold, we had to put him on antibiotics as a precaution so that he wouldn't develop an infection while the expander is in.  If this were to happen, the expander would probably have to come out early, depending on the degree of infection.  Something no one wants to risk.  There are some drawbacks to the little guy being on antibiotics, besides the fact that babies do not appreciate having 4ml of anything shoved in their mouth.  It also causes diarrhea which in turn gave him a nasty little diaper rash.  Poor little guy.  So while I am happy to say he has kicked the cold, he is left with the discomfort of a sensitive least until that clears up.

It is absolutely amazing what he has been capable of with this expander in.  He started crawling the night before we left for Chicago in January.  I was so worried that the weight of the expander hinder his ability to crawl, creep, etc.  Not only has he been crawling all over the place but a few weeks ago he started pulling himself up with just one arm and trying to climb everything he sees! I have also noticed that he is a very careful thinker.  As we try to find creative ways to corral him into a designated 'safe' zone, you can see him analyze the road block and plan an escape route.  It has not seem to affect his sleep or anything else really.

We were able to do his third expansion last Wednesday, after missing a week because of the cold.  His expander is now up to 305cc.  The expander is a 500cc expander that can hold twice that.  Let's see 5 more weeks x about 70cc....350cc + 305cc = 655cc.....we just might have to step it up a bit.


Going for a ride in the Jeep

Loving his tubby time!

One of the biggest challenges for us and for most of the Nevus parents are the reactions of the siblings.  Zoie has continued to act out in ways to get attention.  Other parents have seen things like regression in potty training and horrific fits.  All Bruce and I can do is try as hard as we can to make sure Zoie is getting the attention she needs.   I am so happy that she has a wonderful pre-school that allows her to receive just that little bit of extra spotlight that she needs.  As most of you know, Zoie is such a little performer so I am thankful that her teachers allow her to show-off in school just a bit.
On Valentine's Day, I spent the whole day with only her taking her to her school party, where I stayed to help out.  Then we went to visit Mimi for lunch and a trip to the Wildlife Zoo.  I know she loved all the extra attention, I only wish I had it to give all the time.

On another my spare time (haaaahahahahahahahaha)  I am trying to compile a cookbook to benefit Zachary and the many upcoming surgeries he is to endure over the next few years (insert sigh...).  If anyone out there has a few good recipes that you would like to donate, I would be SO THANKFUL!  I am in the process of compiling them and will continue to do so through March 15th.

Good recipes are essential to the success of the cookbook - I would deeply appreciate any recipes you would like to contribute.  Please send your recipes to  Along with the recipe, please include the name that you would like to credit the recipe under (just in case you would like to honor the great cook that gave it to you).